Field Day in the Fyodorovskiy Area of the Saratov Region

 On the 5th of July 2016 Astarta-Agro LLC organized an agricultural even “Field Day” in the territory of elevator Zavolzhskiy, Fyodorovskiy area of the Saratov region. The representatives of twenty two agricultural companies from different regional areas, such as Marksovskiy, Sovetskiy, Fyodorovskiy and Yershovskiy areas, visited the event. During the official part of the program Deputy Head of Administration of Fyodorovskiy area A.V. Naumov greeted the country field workers and congratulated them on rich harvest. The participants of Field Day event were also greeted by Director General of the Oleonafta Holding. The representatives of Promselkhozbank, which is also a part of the holding presented new bank services and business offers for agricultural producers. The official part of the event was followed by a great concert.



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