Astarta-Agrotrading 1

For many years, the Astarta-Agrotrading company has been a reliable supplier of grains, oilseeds and legumes to countries near and far abroad.

The company’s structure includes five elevators, the total storage capacity of which is about 350 thousand tons of grains, legumes and oilseeds. One of the elevators has a pier that allows loading river-sea vessels with a carrying capacity of up to five thousand tons. Products are also shipped by road and rail.

One of the company’s activities is the cultivation and sale of chickpeas. Growing this crop is most effective in the Saratov region, which has a favorable climate, fertile black soil and developed agricultural infrastructure.

Astarta-Agrotrading 2The region produces 37% of the total volume of chickpeas in Russia. Up to 140 thousand hectares are annually allocated for chickpeas here, and up to 200 thousand tons are collected per year.

One of our elevators is equipped with modern Turkish equipment designed for processing, calibrating and packing chickpeas into 25 and 50 kg bags, as well as into big bags. Equipment productivity reaches two thousand tons per month, and the degree of purification is 99+. At the request of the buyer, a smaller packaging of the goods and the application of the logo is possible.