Grain of Duchovnitzky

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“The Grain of Duchovnitzky” is located on the bank Volga in the Duchovnitzky district of Saratov region. The total storage capacity is 50 thousand tons of grain. The company renders services in acceptance, drying, storage and shipment of grain, oil and legume crops.
The acceptance and the shipment of grain by transport will be realized in two points, the power by the underworking is 100 tons/ hour, by the drying is 32 tons/ hour.
“The grain of Duchovnitzky” has a dock unlike the other companies of the holding , that allows to realize the shipment with tonnage of the ships up to 5 thousand tons.


Elevator address

413900, Saratov region, Dukhovnitskiy district, Dukhovnitskoye village, 1 Naberezhnaya str.
Phone: +7 (84573) 2-28-11