О Астарта-агроThe limited liability company “Astarta-Agroproduct” – diversified professional trading company specializing in the procurement and sale of a wide range of grain, oilseed and legume crops on the territory of Saratov region and the Russian Federation; in the cultivation of wheat and sunflowers on its own land and in partnership with various farms of the Saratov region, through their financial support and provision of seeds; as well as in long-term priority storage of grain, using the production capacity of the partner elevators located in the main agricultural districts of Saratov region in the vicinity of farmers and key transport routes.

Company has come a long way during the past two decades from selling small volumes of grain and provision of services for its transportation to timely, high-quality execution of export contracts, introduction of modern storage systems and setting up of storage facilities.

"Astarta-Agroproduct" Ltd has a high reputation thanks to professionalism of management and production personnel, efficient management system, a meaningful and consistent policy.


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Astarta-Agroproduct grain export directions

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