Pitersky Elevator

Питерский эдеватор

The Pitersky Elevator is located in Pitersky District of the Saratov region. The total storage capacity is 90 thousand tons, that allows satisfying the needs of agricultural producers and commercial organizations Piterskydistrict, Krasnokutskdistrict, Novouzenskdistrict and neighboring districts in the Volgograd region. The Elevator loads the grain from two points, the front for supply – 14 wagons.

Modern equipment (Turkish production) for handling, calibration and packaging of chickpeas in bags of 25-50 kg. and big-bags, with capacity of 10 tons per shift, was installed at the grain elevator. The elevator is also equipped with a line for processing and packing of safflower in big-bags, with a capacity of up to 50 tons per shift.


Elevator address

413310, Saratov Region, Pitersky District, Piterskaya St., 81 Radishcheva St.
Phone: +7 (84561) 2-84-89