Zavolzhsky elevator

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Zavolzhsky elevator is a specialised agro-industrial enterprise in the Fedorovsky district of the Saratov region.

The total silo storage capacity is 70,000 tonnes of grain.
The elevator has modern equipment and well-organised technological processes that allow it to receive up to 1,000 tonnes of grain per shift.
The rate of shipment is up to 700 tons per shift.
The potential area of cooperation is Marksovsky, Sovetsky, Ershovsky and Dergachevsky districts of Saratov region.

The elevator is equipped with modern equipment which allows applying an advanced control system of the whole technological process of production, observing strict technological discipline of post-harvest handling and storage of grain.

There is a loading point on the grain elevator, through which grain is loaded from the vehicles into the railway transport up to 500 tons per shift. There are two railway scales installed at the elevator, which allows loading up to 18 carriages per shift.

Accredited for storage of state intervention fund grain.


Elevator address

413420, Saratov region, Fedorovsky district, v. Plyos.
Phone: +7 (84565) 6-51-32